Anson B. Nixon Park is owned and operated by the Kennett Area Park Authority (KAPA). The Board, comprised of nine to eleven individuals, is appointed by the Borough of Kennett Square and the Kennett Township. KAPA Monthly Board Meetings are at 7:30pm on the second Tuesday of each month. At this time, and until further notice, meetings are being held via Zoom. Download the Park Brochure (PDF)

Mission Statement

The Kennett Area Park Authority is guided by the following principles:
  • Preservation of an open, natural, and largely passive environment that lends itself to both tranquil and rigorous pursuits, with free access to the general public;
  • Promotion of recreational interaction among the community’s diverse ethnic, social, age, and economic groups by providing a safe outdoor venue that offers facilities compatible with a multitude of social, cultural, spiritual, and sporting endeavors;
  • Collaboration with other established community educational, cultural, civic, and recreational organizations and institutions to further the principles of this mission statement;
  • Establishment of an endowment that will ensure the financial stability of the park for generations to come.


Major Sources of Funding for the Anson B. Nixon Park have been provided by:

Valued Partner Organizations

Master Plan

The Master Plan Project, which was completed in 2013, provides a vision to guide future enhancements and projects in the Park. The plan was built with broad input from the community including a survey and two public meetings. Executive Summary, MasterPlan


Board Members

Kennett Borough

  • Richard Lyon – Chair
  • Mark McGreevy
  • David Schurr
  • Nancy Ayllon-Ramirez
  • Maria Dziembowska
  • Gregory Deveney

Kennett Township

  • John Gaadt – Vice-Chair
  • Mark Rybarczyk – Treasurer
  • Elizabeth Curtis Swain
  • Matt Taylor
  • Eric Gaver

Secretary to the Board

  • Heidi Hauptschein


  • Sheila Tekavec – Office Manager
  • Mark (Jake) Riggins – Park Manager / Groundskeeper
  • Eric Petrucci – Mechanic