Group Rules and Regulations

Facility Reservation Policy

    1. Individuals and organizations may reserve, for a fee, specific park facilities. These facilities include pavilions, tennis and volleyball courts, stage, and select open areas within the park. If facilities are not reserved, they are available on a first-come basis.
    2. The basketball court, disc golf course and playgrounds are NOT available for reservation.
    3. Reservations are available year-round and accepted up to twelve (12) months in advance. Reservations are valid during daily park hours: dawn to dusk daily.
    4. Reservation requests must be made at least one week in advance for any available date by email or phone: 610-444-1416. All approved reservations must be confirmed in writing by the Kennett Area Park Authority (KAPA).
    5. The Standard Pavilion & Athletic Reservation Request Form 2019 and a signed Indemnification form must be printed, completed, and mailed with payment to KAPA or to the Borough of Kennett Square office (hand delivery ONLY). Make checks payable to Kennett Area Park Authority.
Kennett Area Park Authority(KAPA) P.O. Box 1121, Kennett Square, PA 19348 Borough of Kennett Square (hand delivery only) 120 Marshall Street, Kennett Square, PA 19348
  1. All fees are refundable if notice of cancellation is received one week prior to the scheduled event.
  2. Electricity and drinking water are available in some picnic areas. Several grills are available in the picnic areas; however, these are limited in number. See the Listing of Pavilion Amenities at the end of the Standard Pavilion and Athletic Facility Reservation Request Form.
  3. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE POLICY: No alcoholic beverages of any kind can be served/consumed in Anson B. Nixon Park effective 1/07, EXCEPT BY SPECIAL PERMIT AND with a Security Officer in place. An additional Fee for the Security Officer will apply at a rate of $50/hour that alcohol is served, (3 hour minimum) excluding set up and breakdown.
  4. KAPA expressly reserves the right to limit, deny or revoke any requested reservation, if it believes that the requested event or activity will negatively impact or unreasonably interfere with other planned or existing activities, including the normal conduct and use of the park or its recreational facilities by others.
Individuals or groups wishing to conduct a special activity or event on Anson B. Nixon property, which falls beyond the normal scope of the Standard Pavilion and Athletic Facility Reservation Policy, must apply for a Special Activities Agreement Request Form (“SAA”). Click here for the Special Activities Agreement Request Form 2019 Daily fees to reserve facilities are as follows:
  • Pavilions – $65
  • Stage – $125
  • Stage Sound Technician – Rate TBD depending on needs, may be required
  • Tennis Court, per hour* – $10/court/hr
  • Volleyball Court, per hour** – $10/court/hr
*6 maximum players per court ** 12 maximum players per court

Rules for Gatherings of Special Events, Group Functions, and 5K Walk/Runs

Requiring Reservation of Park Facilities and/or Equipment or the Waiving of Standard Rules The General Rules & Regulations of the Anson B. Nixon Park also apply to all Special Group gatherings
    1. Meetings or gatherings requiring reservation of Park facilities and/or equipment, or waiving of standard rules require a permit which must be obtained at least one week before the event. Permits may be obtained by writing and by completing the Special Activities Agreement Request Form 2019
Kennett Area Park Authority P.O. Box 1121, Kennett Square, PA 19348 or by email:
  1. A designated individual (indicated on permit) will be held responsible for observation of all Park rules and will be held liable for any damages or costs to the Park incurred as a result of actions of attendees at the event.
  2. The person designated responsible for the event shall have a copy of the permit available at the event for inspection by Park officials or law enforcement officers.
  3. A fee (stated on the permit) must be paid to the Kennett Area Park Authority to reserve any Park facility or area.
  4. Special permission must be obtained from the Park Authority for any of the following activities associated with an event:
    • Use of facilities outside normal hours of operation must be stated on the Reservation Permit. It is required that the designated responsible person demonstrate to the Park Authority that matters such as sound, lights, parking, fires, clean-up, and final clearing of the park premises have been adequately planned.
    • Use of vehicles in normally unauthorized areas to pick up or deliver food, materials or equipment. Such vehicles must be removed from unauthorized areas after delivery or pick up.
    • Posting directional signs. (Must be removed after the event)
    • Using decorations (banners, balloons). (Must be removed after the event)
    • Erecting temporary booths, tents or canopies. (Must be removed after the event)
    • Temporary installation of tables, chairs, food preparation and serving equipment, displays, etc. (Must be removed after the event)
    • Temporary installation of toilet facilities. (Must be removed after the event)
    • Temporary relocation of picnic tables or trash receptacles. (Must be returned to their normal locations after the event)
    • Temporary installation of electrical equipment (supply cables, generators etc.) for lighting or appliances. (Must be removed after the event)
    • Temporary use of sound amplification equipment. (Must be removed after the event)
    • Use of temporary lighting. (Must be removed after the event)
    • Use of alcoholic beverages; hiring of KAPA-designated security officer required with payment of additional fee. (All empty containers must be removed after the event)
    • Parking spaces at Anson Nixon Park are limited. KAPA reserves the right to restrict the number of vehicles expected in association with a reservation of its facilities. If attendance at an event exceeds the capacity of the regular parking lot, KAPA will designate limited overflow areas. Absolutely no parking is allowed along the entrance road from Walnut St. and along internal roads. The sponsoring organization must arrange for personnel to safely direct traffic and control pedestrian crosswalks, etc. Such personnel must be certified by the sponsoring organization to be adequately trained. If not, KAPA will provide training and safety equipment.
  5. When permission is granted to use amplified sound equipment, the sound volume should not create an annoyance for other Park users or residents of the surrounding community. The Kennett Square Noise Control Ordinance will be used as a guide for acceptable sound levels. Failure to control sound levels may result in immediate termination of the sound amplification permit.
    Park sound-amplifying equipment must be used, and a KAPA appointed sound technician will be the designated operator who is responsible for acceptable sound levels. (A fee will be charged.)
  6. Where permission is granted to use lighting equipment after dark, the lighting must be located and directed so that it does not annoy residents of the surrounding community. Failure to observe this rule may result in immediate termination of the lighting equipment permit.
  7. All guy wires and stakes used for temporary structures, cables and other equipment, which could pose a safety hazard, shall be visibly marked with streamers, flags, safety barriers or appropriate warning materials.
  8. Set-up and cleanup for an event must be completed on a schedule agreeable to the Park Authority and will be designated on the permit for the event. All trash generated by the group must be placed in available receptacles and dumpsters.
  9. The area and facilities of the Park used for the event shall be returned to the condition found prior to the event. This should be done immediately after the event. If this is not feasible, satisfactory arrangements must be made with KAPA before a permit is issued.
  10. The person designated responsible for the event shall see that all appropriate safety practices are followed to safeguard Park property and the property and well being of users of the Park and the surrounding community.
  11. Organizations must provide proof of liability insurance coverage and sign the attached indemnification form.
  12. Where any signs, table cloths, or other materials are temporarily affixed to Park facilities or Park trees, only masking tape, twine or rope are allowed to be used for this purpose. No nails or staples may be used. All such materials must be removed as part of the event clean up.
  13. If special police patrols, traffic control police, fire, or emergency medical personnel are required for an event, the event sponsors must make the arrangements and pay the costs.
  14. With prior arrangements, vehicles may be driven to the reserved pavilion for off-loading passengers (if necessary) or supplies. After unloading, all vehicles must be moved and parked in the main parking lot, not at the pavilion, for duration of event.
  15. In certain cases, to be determined by the Park Authority, event sponsors may be required to make a refundable security deposit.
  16. Kennett Township must be notified of any Special Event.